What’s QurBook?

QurBook is a personalized patient care concierge app designed with meticulous precision to provide you and your family a safe and trusted experience. Whether it is for a simple health query or for any of the 30 specialties that we cover, with QurBook, you have over 1000 care plans (QurPlans) to choose from and possess the ability to manage your illnesses and conditions with the utmost privacy and the comfort of your native language. 

Receive best-in-class care from your care concierge team that consists of healthcare professionals who are the best in their respective specialties. Goes to show that when it comes to your health, we don’t compromise! 

You will also have access to hundreds of hospitals and thousands of doctors, ready to save you and your family member’s health super proactively at a moment’s notice. We provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. 

QurBook is the app that you and your family need for all of your healthcare concierge needs!

One app, many solutions!





Patient Monitoring


Patient Health Records Digitization and Transfers


Health Device Readings


Sheela G, Conversational Health Assistant

Say “hi Sheela”

Think about someone who is next to you virtually and assists you with your health condition, saying  “Hi, I am Sheela. Your personalized health assistant. How can I help you?

Sheela, the world’s 1st Multilingual Personalized Healthcare Conversational AI Assistant is a state-of-the-art personal assistant who is capable of having conversations with you in English and 10 other Indian dialects that you prefer.

With Sheela, use your own voice to record your care regiment events, plan conformance and health symptoms, and vitals on the go. In addition, you can ask sheela about your upcoming care plan events and reminders.  You can even record for your family members as their care giver.  access health records or even ask questions related to your health condition!

More importantly, you can have natural conversations with sheela about your health questions for your disease related education.  Sheela is intelligent to give you answers that is relevant to you based on patient personalization AI models.

As they say, the future truly is here

Patient Care





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QurOne – Care Concierge Program

QurOne is the latest addition to our arsenal. It is a care-concierge program that is designed to take care of all of yours as well as your family’s health. With QurOne, take control of your health and follow personalized care plans that are curated by healthcare experts to cater to your needs.

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For Patients

“All-in-One” program for you and your family’s personalized healthcare needs

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For Providers

Patient care coordination at scale improving Quality of Care, Engagement and Trusted Patient Education

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For Employers

An experience your employees and their family deserve a true care concierge…like never experienced before!

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Why choose QurBook

Rich Teleconsulting Experience

  • Receive teleconsultations from doctors whom you know and trust
  • Extensive communication support, with voice-call, video-call, and including an unlimited post-consultation chat access with doctors
  • Enjoy integrated care with an easy-to-use interface for booking appointments, sharing reports, online payment, and receiving e-prescriptions

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Proactive & Personalized Care

  • QurBook is integrated with home health devices, so your health vitals are recorded and stored directly onto the app
  • Your doctors can securely receive your health vitals over QurBook to better monitor your progress and provide proactive care
  • AI-Sheela G provides you with care-plans personalized to your health needs, delivered directly from your care-provider. She also answers your health queries validated by specialists*

* Breast-cancer related FAQS enabled. More specialties to follow soon

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Securing Family Health Records

  • Those tonnes of paper files containing crucial health information can go paperless. With QurBook – you secure records, secure health.
  • Built on a secure and robust infrastructure, QurBook allows you to easily store and send medical records to your doctors or family members.
  • A complete patient history helps clinicians and care-givers better administer effective treatment and therefore enhance patient outcomes

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Key Features

Modular Architecture, Secured Solution

QurBook solution is built with multi-layer stacked architecture and cutting edge technology tools, deployed in a highly secured environment with a robust governance framework.

Our solution has built-in capabilities for predictive outcomes using industry-best tools and technologies in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Deep Neural Networks.







Sheela G Cares

AI-Sheela G is your conversational health assistant. She can capture your health vitals even over simple voice notes.

Use Sheela G to schedule doctor appointments and add pill-reminders. By the way, she is multi-lingual*.

Sheela G assists you with FAQs validated by specialists** and personalized care-plans delivered from care-providers as and when uploaded, all in your QurBook.

 *Bengali, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu – language skills are in development, and availability may be limited

** Breast-cancer related FAQS enabled. More specialties to follow soon.

Patient Care





Who are we?

Our purpose is driven by the yearning to redefine personalized healthcare, saving life super proactive. The answer came in the form of QurHealth. 

QurHealth is a spinoff of Ventech Solutions, USA. We are a group of healthcare and technology experts who wanted to contribute something significant to society by our actions. 

We, at QurHealth, are a value-based personalized patient care concierge company committed to improving health outcomes. Today, we focus on solving real-world challenges, creating provider-first patient care coordination and engagement solutions that are powered by emerging technologies.

Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted experience by improving patient quality of care, patient engagement and patient education. 

QurHealth offers proactive and personalized care which is in line with our vision - “Saving Life Super Proactive''. It is part of our QUR suite of applications and happens to be one of our core healthcare solutions that improves patient care. 

Download QurBook

Are you worried about your health and want to know more about the same? Need someone to support you through recovery post intervention? Have queries regarding your health condition which aren’t available online? Do you stay away from home and want someone reliable to monitor your family member’s or your parents’ health? Shed the fear! You are not alone.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to experience personalized and proactive healthcare solutions that help you consult with the physicians you trust, track your health, understand your preferences, gain intelligent insights about comorbidities and symptoms,  stick to diet plans and do more - all from the comfort of your home.

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