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    Care Simplified

    Better health outcomes for top companies

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    Coordinators who care, AI that listens, and health checks that empower. A Care Concierge Program that addresses all the healthcare needs.

    There are a lot of ways companies think they can take care of their employees.

    But we know better.

    It's your employees’ health. As the backbone of your organisation, you need employees at their healthy best. And it's not just about the individual - it's about the whole team, from top to bottom.

    That's why we created a corporate wellness program that has all the tools you need to keep staff productive! QurBook’s employee wellness programs put people in control of their own health, so they can focus on what matters most: doing their jobs well.

    Healthcare that cares for the patient

    Discover: New Dimensions Of Corporate Wellness

    Every rupee invested in employee wellness saves employers 132.33 on absenteeism costs. And it reduces health care costs by 6.62. Health is indeed wealth (Assocham Study, 2018). So why feel poorly?

    Our AI-powered corporate wellness plans turn sick days into productive days.

    Designed to fit the needs of your company, it takes care of your employees, so you can focus on running a profitable business.

    Since what works for one might not work for another, we offer employers the choice of tailored plans that meet the unique health needs.

    Good for employee health, good for the business too!

    Diabetes Care

    Meet your new AI Healthcare Assistant 'Sheela'

    Sheela – the world's 1st personalized healthcare assistant comes as a single touch point to all the healthcare needs you can imagine with the power of personalization.

    What if we say you can now interact with Sheela in your own region language! Sheela with its advanced and intelligent features can converse in more than 10 regional languages and tend to needs like scheduling appointments, vital entries, health related clarifications and more. Our employee wellness plans powered by Sheela, simplifies remote monitoring, care adherence and, care team or caregiver check-ins. Features like voice activation, quick response time and natural conversation makes Sheela an ideal virtual healthcare assistant that truly listens to you and helps you connect with your health with ease.

    Benefits For Employers

    Healthy, happy and productive employee

    Less absenteeism

    More productivity

    Less cost-of-care

    More satisfied, loyal, and motivated workers

    Less insurance premium

    More on-premise health check-ups

    Affordable packages at INR 2/ day/employee

    Customized dashboard to track claimed benefits

    Clinical consulting for employee healthcare initiatives

    Safe, Trusted Ecosystem

    We put a team of people in the palm of your hands

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    Benefits For Employees

    One-stop-corporate wellness program filling all healthcare gaps


    Consult a doctor anywhere. It’s like having your own GP, specialists, and staff of doctors!

    AI Healthcare Assistant

    Unlimited access to Sheela who helps navigate your healthcare journey & live healthier

    Care Coordinators

    Direct access to trained healthcare experts as care coordinators who dedicatedly support you every step of the way

    Dietitians & Diet Plans

    Expert advice and guidance on healthy eating habits for improved overall health and wellness

    Family Coverage

    All 4 of our corporate wellness plans go a step beyond and include loved ones

    Annual Lab Checks

    Identify potential problems early and stay on top of your health with upto 40% discount across leading labs

    At Home Care Service

    No more long wait times. All the care you need from the comfort of home upto 15% discount

    On-Call Pharmacy

    No hassle of visiting a physical store. Conveniently order medicines online and enjoy discounts of upto 20%

    Complimentary Health Check

    Experience peace of mind with a free health check (equivalent amount) for one family member

    Echoing Endorsements

    The power of employee wellness

    The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India - Hyderabad Chapter has been using your services for the Multiple Sclerosis patients regularly. We did the Annual Home Health Check last in 2022 and this year 2023 we got the Thermal Screening for early detection of Breast cancer for our patients. We have been very happy and satisfied with your services and hope to continue being associated with QurHealth for further activities.

    Meena Gupta

    Hon. Chairperson MSSI - Hyerabad chapter

    Thank You for getting the Annual Health Check done for our 1000 employees across regions of India, people were very happy the way your team handled them to get the last mile delivery. They were happy on your Doctor Consultations and the Care Co-Ordinator support too was appreciable.

    Looking forward for such services in the future too with QurHealth.

    Chetan Pillay

    Manager - HR & Admin Copart India Technology Center

    Let me take this opportunity to thank your Organization “QUR Health” for the association with our organization and the excellent support provided for our employees through your Mobile Application and also for the multiple health camps and vaccination camps that were conducted in our factory premises. The co-ordination and management of the health camps were excellent and the entire event was very professionally managed considering the challenges of accommodating the workforce from 3 different shifts.

    You have a wonderful and motivated team who were always available for any support needed even after office hours. Please keep the good work going and we hope to have a long term association with your organization.

    Sabyasachi Mohapatra

    Chief Financial Officer ITP Aero

    Invest In Your Employees' Health Today, Reap The Rewards Tomorrow

    With the corporate wellness program by QurBook, say goodbye to sick days and hello to healthy employees!