Post Operative Care Program by QurBook

Frictionless Post Operative Care for Your Patients with Speedy Recovery

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    What we Offer

    Expert Team

    Post Operative Wound Care

    Diabetes Educator Sessions

    Psychotherapy counselling session

    Fitness counselling session

    Antenatal Counselling

    Personalized Care Coordinators

    Dietitian Counselling

    Customized Care Plans & Diet Plans

    Pain Management

    Dietitian Consultations

    Antenatal/Postnatal Counselling Sessions

    The QurSuite We offer

    Access to Qurbook app

    Diabetes Care

    Access to AI Sheela

    Access to QurPlus

    Access to QurPro

    Access to Qurbook app

    Access to AI Sheela

    Access to QurPlus

    Access to QurPro

    Medical Advisory Board

    Dr. Parameshwara C M


    Honorary Professor of Surgery, Chief Colorectal Surgeon

    CEO & Founder Smiles Hospitals, Bangalore

    Dr. Bala Ganesh Vedati

    MBBS, MS- General Surgery

    Consultant General, Laparoscopic, Laser, Colorectal Surgeon, Proctology and Podiatric Specialist. Expertise Family Health Counsellor

    Founder & Chairman of Surgeon For U, Hyderabad

    Dr. Suman R

    MBBS (KIMS), DND, Fellowship in Diabetes (MRS 2000)

    Diabetologist & Occupational Physician, PG Diploma in Industrial Hygiene

    Director & Founder Madhumeha Diabetes Centre Jayanagar, Bangalore

    Dr. Janaki Badugu

    PhD in Food & Nutrition, M.Sc - Dietitics / Nutrition

    Dietitian/Nutritionist | 31 Years Exp.

    Founder Diata, Hyderabad

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    The New Way To Empower You & Your Patients

    Experience the power of personalized care coordination

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    • Comprehensive healthcare concierge app
    • Personalized Healthcare Companion with seamless Care Coordination
    • Customized care plans & diet plans (QurPlans) under 30 specialties
    • Care concierge team of skilled Nurses & Health Experts
    QurPlus (1)


    • Cutting-edge web-based application for doctors
    • Comprehensive suite of tools, data, and insights for optimal patient health analysis
    • Access to valuable correlational information for enhanced health outcomes
    • RWE/RWD health updates on patients' conditions


    • Comprehensive healthcare support app for doctors.
    • Streamlined communication for efficient care delivery.
    • Secure telehealth capabilities for remote consultations.
    • Option to view patient reports anytime, anywhere.
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    Deliver care with Sheela

    QurHealth Care Coordination Solution is designed, developed, and executed to constantly reimagine "patient-first" care delivery. Besides a team of dedicated registered healthcare practitioners, it is powered by our proprietary AI, SheelaTM.

    The state-of-the-art, multilingual conversational AI assistant for healthcare can have conversations with patients in English and 10 other Indian dialects, making care delivery personal and easier.

    More than being a personal assistant, Sheela’s advanced clinical skills improve the quality of life for patients by offering control over their health.

    Reimagine your Care Coordination to be
    Patients Concierge

    It takes a village to deliver patient care, and the core of that village is Sheela. The AI is designed to take on a role that a patient traditionally had to play.

    With QurBook at the centre of your patient care coordination solution, you can deliver seamless care at every step.

    Prescription for Success

    With a patient care coordination solution, you treat patients back to health swiftly!

    Supporting a Continuum of Care

    QurBook, India's first personalised patient care coordination solution, is not just another app that helps hospitals manage their patients. It's a way to make sure that patients get the care they deserve, wherever they may be.

    QurBook brings the convenience of managing patient care coordination at scale. All without expensive capital investments.

    Acting like a concierge, the care coordination solution makes it easier than ever to reach patients proactively and be their safe and trusted choice.

    Taking Care of you while you Take Care of Patients

    The care coordination solves the most difficult challenges faced by hospitals: shortage of healthcare staff, absence of advance technology for patient monitoring , treatment adherence and patient retention.


    Physician-Directed Approach

    Unlike outdated patient coordination programs, QurBook serves as an extension of the hospital’s practices.

    Access patients' information remotely, understand comorbidities, diagnose, explain care plans, prescribe medication, provide medical support, schedule appointments, chart diet plans and more.


    Custom Care Plans

    Every patient is unique, and so should their care plan. With QurBook, providers get full access to review and customise plans, directly prescribing and tailoring them to patients' needs.

    Hospitals can utilise the QurPlus portal for real-time prescription and progress monitoring, while doctors on the go can stay in the loop through the QurPro app.


    Early, Timely Intervention

    Proactively care for your patients with QurBook's early intervention.

    Reach them before the worst of the illness strikes, preventing chronic conditions from deteriorating and ensuring that a tiny health issue doesn’t snowball into a major risk.


    Patient Risk Analysis

    Prevention rules the game at QurBook! It equips providers with an omnichannel patient care concierge using a personalised health assistant, "Sheela."

    Assess patient progress, identify areas of concern, and take therapeutic actions in real time. It's all about nipping problems in the bud before they spiral out of control.


    Real-Time Monitoring

    QurBook unleashes the power of care coordination at scale for you. Say goodbye to the reactive stress that comes from managing a patient population.

    Reclaim your valuable time and save a minimum of 25% of your day, getting an extra 2 hours to focus on what you do best: saving lives!


    Auto Alerts & Triggers

    The population analytics and dashboard give you data at your fingertips!

    Stay in control with patient care plan adherence and health alert data available to you and your care team constantly.

    Unlock advanced population analytics and intelligent dashboards through the secure Qurplus portal. Tailor roles and privileges for your care team, all in one convenient platform.

    Get QurBook

    For Health seekers, QurBook provides the convenience of receiving proactive care from the comfort of their homes.

    Download Healthcare App and start receiving continuous care and teleconsultations from care-providers whom you know and trust.