India's 1st Personalized
Employer Coordination Program

An experience your employees and their family deserve a true care concierge…like never experienced before!

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For Employers

Your people are your biggest assets. 

QurOne benefit to your employees will make your employees thrilled and for sure improve engagement, feel safe and secure when it comes to them and their loved ones, care coordination.

Finally, the reward for you is lower cost of care and improved health outcomes specifically improved quality of care, patient engagement and trusted patient education.

Bottomline for you, this directly translates to lower insurance premium to your organization.

Personalized care coordinator to your employee and to each of their family member

Direct access to a team of QurOne resident Doctors, Specialists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Wellness coach, physiotherapist and many more…

Direct and personalized access to personalized Care Concierge Team

Ability to manage family members across the borders.

Preferred and discounted teleconsulting fees to 1000+ doctors via QurBook

Access to Clinical excellence team to develop custom QurPlans (Care Plan and Therapeutic Diet Plans)

Unlimited storage and access to health records in a HiTRUST CERTIFIED and FISMA MOD compliant environment

Employee preferred provider care coordination

Online Health condition webinars and interactions with Doctors and Healthcare experts

Unlimited access to Sheela – The World’s 1st Multilingual Personalized Healthcare Conversational AI Assistant

Custom employee wellness plans based Employee population analytics.

All other QurOne patient benefits.

Patient Monitoring

Using QurBook, providers can track the activities of patients and check their vitals in order to understand how a patient is responding to a particular care plan.


Patient Risk Analysis

By understanding the extent of comorbidities that have been logged by patients, providers can analyze a patient’s progress or the lack of it and plan therapeutic actions as required. This can help to nip a problem in the bud rather than let it get beyond control. Real time preventive care coordination at scale!

Get QurBook

For Health seekers, QurBook brings you the convenience of receiving proactive care from the comfort of their homes. Download QurBook and start receiving continuous care and teleconsultations from care-providers whom you know and trust.

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