India's 1st Personalized
Patient Care Coordination Program

Patient care coordination at scale improving Quality of Care, Engagement and Trusted Patient Education

For Providers

QurBook is primarily a provider 1st app that helps providers access patients’ information remotely. Physicians can diagnose patients, understand comorbidities, explain care plans, prescribe medication, provide medical support, schedule appointments, chart diet plans and more, in order to treat their patients back to health swiftly.

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Access Patient Records

With QurBook, physicians can now access the medical records of the patients that they treat, from anywhere in the world. QurBook helps the physicians to keep a tab on a patient’s medical history including illnesses and allergies so that specific medication and procedures can be avoided during the course of treatment. QurBook’s HiTrust-Certified environment boasts of a secure vault that is capable of keeping your patients data safe and private. After all, isn’t that what vaults truly are for?


Patient Risk Analysis

By understanding the extent of comorbidities that have been logged by patients, providers can analyze a patient’s progress or the lack of it and plan therapeutic actions as required. This can help to nip a problem in the bud rather than let it get beyond control. Real time preventive care coordination at scale!


Prescribe Custom Care and Diet Plans

Providers can either suggest personalized care-plans curated by the care-coordination team or create their own care plans that suit a patient’s needs. Physicians can utilize the functionalities of QurBook to help their patients heal at a brisk rate.


Proactive Outreach and Early Intervention

Begin therapeutic treatment based on patient symptoms and ensure early interventions in order to prevent a small problem from turning into a major health scare. The care-coordination team also keeps a tab on patients so that immediate care can be provided in case a patient’s health deteriorates without any forewarning.


Patient Monitoring

Using QurBook, providers can track the activities of patients and check their vitals in order to understand how a patient is responding to a particular care plan.


Population analytics and dashboards

Providers are equipped with the patients care plan adherence and health alert data as and when configured in the system.  Patients care adherence and health alert data comes to you and/or your care team.

Providers can see advanced populations analytics and Intelligent dashboards in a secured “Qurplus” portal specifically designed to be used by Providers and Care Concierge team. Qurplus provides a role based environment for Providers to establish various role and privileges of the care team.

Get QurBook

For Health seekers, QurBook brings you the convenience of receiving proactive care from the comfort of their homes. Download QurBook and start receiving continuous care and teleconsultations from care-providers whom you know and trust.

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