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Patient Care Coordination Program

Patient care coordination at scale improving Quality of Care, Engagement and Trusted Patient Education

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For Providers

QurBook is primarily a provider 1st app that helps providers access patients’ information remotely. Providers can diagnose patients, understand comorbidities, explain care plans, prescribe medication, provide medical support, schedule appointments, chart diet plans and more, in order to treat their patients back to health swiftly.

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Early Intervention and Proactive Outreach

Provide patient care coordination at scale and begin therapeutic treatments based on patient health conditions and symptoms. This value based proactive intervention and patient management will fully enable you to save patients many times a small problem from turning into a major life risk.

Ofcourse, our first and foremost job is to manage patients care co-ordination and real-time monitoring as part of QurOne program. We will always keep a check on patients progress and will reach out to you directly as per your protocols. You will be able to see anytime what we see and also direct us to on next steps.

At the front , middle and end we are your team! We will do whatever works for you and your patients.


Patient Risk Analysis

Prevention is better than Cure! That’s what we strive to do best at QurBook.

profiling patient risk analysis is no longer a dream but a reality for providers. Providers are empowered with omni channel patient care concierge, patient engagement, patient adherence and a trusted patient disease education techniques using natural voice conversation personalized health assistant “ Sheela”. Providers can analyze a patient’s progress or the lack of it and plan therapeutic actions as required. This can help to nip a problem in the bud rather than let it get beyond control.

Real time preventive care coordination at scale!


Prescribe Custom Care and Diet Plans

Qurbook understand every patient is unique and hence providers too. We took a small step to save you time and money. In this journey we have assembled a team of 40+ experienced clinicians, physicians, nutritionist and care givers to take the pressure from you. Our catalogue of 1000+ curated and medically certified care plans and therapeutic diet plans covers over 30 specialties. This is just the beginning!

Providers have access to review all plans and use the same as a template for direct prescriptions and can further configure to fully ensure it meets the needs of their own patient population.

Hospitals will have QurPlus portal to prescribe and review patient progress in real time. Likewise, doctors on the go, will have the ability to see the same via QurPro app.

Let us know, what else do you need to be the safe and trusted provider for your patients providing a true value based care at scale, without the need for large investments.


Population analytics and dashboards

Providers are equipped with the patients care plan adherence and health alert data as and when configured in the system.  Patients care adherence and health alert data comes to you and/or your care team.

Providers can see advanced populations analytics and Intelligent dashboards in a secured “Qurplus” portal specifically designed to be used by Providers and Care Concierge team. Qurplus provides a role based environment for Providers to establish various role and privileges of the care team.


Real Time Patient Monitoring

When we say care coordination at scale, we meant being best or nothing! Our goal is to directly save reactive stress that you are going through today in managing your patient population.  This stress drives from organizational administration to a doctor to a therapist and even to a duty nurse on the floor. Today, using QurBook you get atleast 25% of your time saved. So, think about on an average 2 hours per day for you to do what you are best at, Saving lives!

We provide best in class experience to make our heroes save more and more live super proactively. Our Heroes “YOU”, the providers who tirelessly do anything and everything possible to save a life.

Provider’s dedicated QurOne care concierge team , can now monitor in real time on patients progress, care adherence Regimen, Vitals, symptoms enhanced with deep predictive analytics.  This enables providers to act super proactively through early interventions and prevent patients from further comorbidities and avoiding any painful and expensive treatments.

Ofcourse, in a HiTrust Certified and a FISMA Mod environment your real time teleconsulting, chat and patient real time health record review is safer than ever.


Access Patient Records

Physicians can now access the medical records of the patients that they treat, from anywhere in the world.

QurPro helps the physicians to keep a tab on a patient’s medical history including illnesses and allergies so that specific medication and procedures can be avoided during the course of treatment.

QurPro’s HiTrust-Certified environment boasts of a secure vault that is capable of keeping your patients data safe and private. After all, isn’t that what vaults truly are for?

Get QurBook

For Providers, QurBook empowers and brings the convenience of managing patient care coordination at scale without the need of expensive capital investment at the ratio of 1:1000 patients. Providers will be able to reach patients proactively and continue to be the safe and trusted choice for their patients. With QurBook redefining personalized value based health care is no longer a dream for providers!

Providers will Improve Patient Quality of Care, Patient care adherence, patient trusted education resulting in super high patient engagement.