It is focussed on providing home care assistance and long term support service to geriatric patients.


We realized that most who stay far away from home or were abroad did not have a chance to check on their parents as often as they liked.

Moreover, those with elderly parents that need home care assistance have no option of keeping a tab on their health or their healthcare routine.

That’s until QurHome was developed!

QurHome is the latest offering from QurHealth’s ever-expanding array of personalized healthcare applications.

It is focussed on providing home care assistance and long term support service to geriatric patients.

QurHome’s range of wireless medical devices constantly monitor patients to ensure that healthcare workers know about their status at all times. 

Also, you can connect with doctors or hospitals of your own choice, so you don’t have to worry about not being in the loop even for a second!

So the real question here is, “Why not QurHome?”


Always On.

We want you to know that we care! QurHome comes with a host of connected medical devices that remain on at all times for real-time health monitoring. All you need to do is tether the devices on your body and watch as QurHome automatically records your vitals.

Now that is one way to bring comfort home.

Qurbook App
Qurone Health Check Plans

All it takes is “Sheela”.

Ever wanted a personal assistant to take care of all your healthcare needs at any given time of the day?

Meet Sheela.

Sheela is India’s first AI-based personal healthcare assistant who you can interact with – anytime, any day, anywhere.

So the next time you need to arrange an appointment, you could just ask Sheela to do it.

Also, did we mention you could talk to her in your language?

Is This You?

Are you a person who is living far away from home or abroad?

Do you have elderly parents who live alone back home?

Do you have patients at home who need medical support at all times but you can’t arrange for someone to help?

Are you a person who lives alone and needs constant medical support?

Are you looking for healthcare plans that can help you bounce back in no time?


QurHome is for you. 

Caring for you.

An offer that you can’t refuse! QurHome connects you to a dedicated team of experts to take care of all your healthcare needs. Need to connect to your own doctor? Appointment scheduled with your doctor and not someone from elsewhere. Want to order medicines? Order in transit from your own pharmacy even as you think and not otherwise!

Download QurBook - because you deserve the best.

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For Health seekers, QurBook brings you the convenience of receiving proactive care from the comfort of their homes.

Download QurBook and start receiving continuous care and teleconsultations from care-providers whom you know and trust.