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Patient Care Coordination Program

“All-in-One” program for you and your family’s personalized healthcare needs

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For Patients

Are you worried about your health and want to know more about the same? Need someone to support you through recovery post intervention? Have queries regarding your health condition which aren’t available online? Do you stay away from home and want someone reliable to monitor your family member’s or your parents’ health? Shed the fear! You are not alone.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to experience personalized and proactive healthcare solutions that help you consult with the physicians you trust, track your health, understand your preferences, gain intelligent insights about comorbidities and symptoms, stick to diet plans and do more - all from the comfort of your home.

Patient care

One-click for all your healthcare needs

With QurOne, you don’t have to worry about long queues to schedule appointments or worry about carrying various medical documents to show your doctor. Just click for any of your healthcare needs and we are already on it.

Want to order your prescription using your local pharmacy or through our certified online partners? (or) Want to have a certified healthcare expert visit you or your family members for a short at home care (or) want someone to join you or your family member to go to a doctor appointment….then, QurOne is your answer!

One program….unlimited value!


Care adherence

Are you one of those people who constantly forget to take medications? Is your mother known to constantly “forget” her medications?

QurOne checks in on you constantly and reminds you about your medication so that you don’t miss out on health.

And now, Alexa will remind you too!


Trusted patient

Doubts about your diagnosis? Worried about diet plans that suit your condition? Want to know the dos and don’ts in a particular situation?

Don’t worry. You have access and power to ask questions and to learn about your condition with a curated and certified medical content that boasts of around 50,000 questions! In fact, if our system doesn’t have a solution, you can rest assured that your care team will get in touch with you quickly to provide an approved answer. So, there really is no scope for second guessing!

QurOne provides the answers to all of your queries so that you know yourself better. Of course, sometimes we handle nuclear physics too. Or not.


Direct access to
concierge team

We believe in the old adage “less is more” and it reflects in our app. You are the point of our focus. We are dedicated to providing you with the best care coordination round the clock. Do more with Sheela, your personalized multilingual AI assistant who will keep track of your health for you.

Sheela even has answers to most of your health-related queries. Make appointments with the doctors you trust, have a dedicated care-coordination team monitor your activities, follow personalized diet plans, use your voice to record care conformance, vitals and even store medical records.

You can also choose to share your information with the medical practitioner that you trust so that they can keep a tab on your health. 


Early comorbidities

We understand you and your health condition is unique. In a way, your care plans, diet plans and the different symptoms that you log are unique to YOU. Our AI will try to understand and connect the dots with powerful analytics that cross-match early comorbidities, related symptoms and predictions so that your care team can provide the necessary interventions, super proactively!  This is not magic but a straightforward combination of data science and the power of AI/ML.

To understand how QurBook’s analytics works, consider Mr John’s experience with the app. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has been prescribed a diabetes type two care plan by his doctor. During the care regimen, John can update QurBook with new symptoms that affect him which even include minor issues such as blurred vision or burning sensation in his feet. Based on John’s inputs, QurBook will analyze the symptoms using power AI models in order to provide advice on the probability of him having diabetic retinopathy or peripheral neuropathy so that he can start therapeutic treatment at the earliest.


Remote Health

Your personal care team can now constantly check on your health, without you having to visit a hospital in person. This way, you can log all of your problems on QurOne and let your doctor do the rest.

We know many of you don’t like to type. No Problem! Just tell sheela about your health condition or your vitals. She will do the rest for you! Ofcourse, your family care giver can handle your care plans adherence and vitals information as well. Finally, Sheela as intelligent and as smart assistance she is, she will make sure you get your care activities reminded and stay on top of your health condition.

Your disease condition management is no longer your problem and it is our responsibility. Who knows….sheela will serve you coffee to make sure you feel great…in the future (ofcourse!).

Things really cannot get quicker and more efficient than this!


Peace of mind,
Trust and Confidence

Your data is secured in an HiTrust certified and FISMA MOD environment. You will decide whom to share with and we work for you!

No hidden agendas. No private profiteering.

Just simple, secure and straightforward data management.


Personalized QurPlans - Care Plans & Therapeutic Diet Plans

Stick to care plans and therapeutic diet plans that are specifically curated for you by expert physicians and dietitians in order to directly target your condition or act as a preventive measure and to help you heal faster.

Whether it is for a simple health query or for any of the 30 specialties that we cover, with QurBook, you have over 1000 care plans (QurPlans) to choose from and possess the ability to manage your illnesses and conditions with the utmost privacy and the comfort of your native language. 

Receive best-in-class care from your care concierge team that consists of healthcare professionals who are the best in their respective specialties. Goes to show that when it comes to your health, we don’t compromise!


Unlimited Access
to “Sheela”

Sheela is a state-of-the-art personal assistant who is capable of talking to you in a language that you prefer. With Sheela, record your care conformance and symptoms, enter your vitals on-the-go, access health records or even ask questions related to your health condition!

As they say, the future truly is here. Lear more about the power of Sheela and your unlimited care!



You can log all of your symptoms related to or varying from a particular condition so that it can reach your care team or your physician.

Ofcourse, Sheela can log your plan related symptoms and any new ones that you wish to add. As you add your health symptoms, be rest assured, your care concierge team will be on top of them to make sure any early comorbidities or a drug adverse condition or your provider defined care protocol is managed proactively to prevent and fight it out at an early stage.

What else? We bet, our super proactive service to you and your family, will save quite a lot of pain and cost. Smile🙂!

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For Health seekers, QurBook brings you the convenience of receiving proactive care from the comfort of their homes.

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