5 Tips To Stay Healthy On Holiday

5 Tips To Stay Healthy On Holiday

5 Tips To Stay Healthy On Holiday

The holiday season is right around the corner, and we are sure all of you are ready with plans to celebrate this season with your loved ones. The excitement to go shopping, dress up for the family get-together, and a time to cook delicious meals and connect with family.

Christmas and New Years’ time can also mean indulging in a lot of excesses- food, alcohol, and stress. While the thrill of holidays can keep you going, but at some point, taking care of your health might take a back seat. Holidays means to rejuvenate yourself and it doesn’t have to be a vacation from staying healthy. Let’s give you 5 Tips To Stay Healthy On Holiday going without taking a toll on your health.

Stay Active

Being physically active means, you are making sure that the body stays fit. There may be many excuses around to skip your exercise routine, but it’s up to you to keep going. Doing exercise does not always mean hitting the gym, get creative with your exercise routine. Go for a run with your family or try a Zumba session at home. Make it exciting but do make it happen!

Stick to a routine that will help you to stay organized, make plans that will give you time for your daily activities. Include family members in the session that makes it even more fun for each and everyone in the family

Feed your body the right kinds of food

It may be hard staying away from all those delicious meals on the table. But indulging in overeating won’t be as cheerful. Being mindful of what you eat and how much you eat can save you lots of trouble later. Make healthy choices when it comes to food, fill a larger portion of your plate with salads, limit the intake of sugary and fatty food. Make sure to have a home-cooked meal and avoid aerated drinks.

Alcohol is another factor that makes it difficult to keep up with your health goals. As per a recent study during the holiday season hospital emergency department sees a spike in cardiac-related cases that are triggered by overeating and alcohol consumption.

Stay Hydrated

With a long ‘To Do List’ while prepping up for 5 Tips To Stay Healthy On Holiday , it is natural you may skip the most important thing to keep you healthy- Staying hydrated. And let us also face a fact that many of us don’t pay attention to how much water we are drinking. Water is essential to keep up your metabolism, it also helps to keep you active.

A few tips to keep in mind when it comes to staying hydrated- Drink water before every meal, it will help not to overeat. For every glass of wine or that champagne you pour, do drink one glass of water, it will reduce the holiday hangover. Drink Green tea more often than milk lattes.

The perks of staying hydrated are also great. Your skin will glow from within so all your holiday photos will look perfect we bet. Your body metabolism will be in your favor and digestion will be good enough to take care of the extra treats you are eating.

So, keep sipping water for a jolly holiday

 Go for a health check-up

Holidays can be a great time to catch up on your health. While the whole year you may not get time to schedule your annual check-ups, wouldn’t it be great to schedule one now? Preventive health checks can help in the early diagnosis of many diseases. In a family where there is a history of illness like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease it is a great way to check on the parameters and take precautions.

Regular check-ups can not only help you take care of your health better, but they can also help you save money. So, in a way, they are not an expenditure but more of an investment. In today’s world getting a health check-up is a piece of cake. You can get your sample collected at home and even get a teleconsultation done with the doctor without leaving your home. So let’s get started!

 Take the help of online tools

With the advancement in digital technology and mobile phones in hands of everyone, taking care of your health has become easier. There are innovative personalized healthcare applications that can take care of your parameters in a more systematic way. One such app to explore is Qurbook, the application can be a real holiday health companion to you with offerings worth your attention.

Qurbook has carefully curated care plans that spread across 30+ health specialties to cater to every individual need, diet plans designed by a team of expert Dieticians to give the best dietary advice. You can choose from 1000+ care plans and diet plans categorized in a comprehensible way to pick what suits you the best.. What makes Qurbook even special is Sheela, the world’s 1st Multilingual Personalized Healthcare Conversational AI Assistant. Sheela acts as a virtual care companion that will help you at every step to become healthy. Qurbook has more to offer- Teleconsultation with top doctors, staying organised and keep your health records in one place for easy access. All this with just one app. Experience personalized healthcare like never before with Qurbook.

So no more browsing the internet this holiday to search for the right diet or the last-minute doctor consultation. Don’t wait and give  Qurbook a try this holiday season and have a fun-filled holiday.

Thanks for reading our blog : 5 Tips To Stay Healthy On Holiday . Happy Holidays !!

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