New Year’s Resolutions: A Fresh Start To A Healthy YOU

At QurHealth, we’re always looking for ways to make you proactive about wellness because good health impacts daily life. From mobility to even being able to make plans with family, health defines everything. It’s why health related New Year’s resolutions top the chart.


People push for better well-being, whether it’s losing weight, controlling sugar, cholesterol, or blood pressure, or leading a healthier lifestyle. With that, we give you healthy New Year’s resolutions for a fitter, happier, and stronger 2023!

7 healthy New Year’s resolutions for a fitter you

Deciding to make positive changes to improve health makes a big difference in your life. They don’t need to be fancy, long, or boring. They can be simple New Year’s resolutions as long as they lend you a sense of purpose and direction in 2023.

1.     I will get some physical activity. Every day.

The best start to a healthy you is to move more. The trick to exercising? Pick an activity you enjoy the most because then you’ll look forward to it. Forget the gym; go for a run, bike, play a sport, or dance. Find that one thing that makes you keen.

2.     I will not skip meals. Ever.

Shedding weight is a favourite resolution for the new year. However, there’s a sensible way to do it and it doesn’t include missing meals. Your body needs nutrients for energy and to function; skipping food deprives it of them.

3.     I will meal plan. Weekly.

It’s a new year’s resolution that gives you more bang for your buck. You not only practise healthier eating habits, but it also helps seal the deal on not skipping meals.

So, every week, plan all the meals ahead of time to stop you from needlessly eating out. Include more fruits and vegetables and reduce saturated fat and sodium. Map out the portions, too, so you don’t overeat.

4.     I will take preventative measures. Wisely.

If you leave only one thing behind in 2022, make it not going to the doctor. We get it. Work and house chores make for crazy schedules. But if you want to develop a healthy self, you need to know how your body is doing.

That means guidance from healthcare practitioners. Make the time to consult physicians. And prevent illnesses, conditions, and diseases before they become serious. Our tip? Use an app for convenient consultations.

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5.     I will spend more time outside. Often.

People go looking for the gold of health among the gravel of exercise and the sand of medication. When what they actually need is to be one with nature. Being in nature has been shown to enhance the immune system, reduce stress and blood pressure, lower anxiety, and improve mood! So, taking a walk outside, doing some gardening, or going hiking whenever the spirit moves you a healthy new year’s resolution.

6.     I will ditch the drinks. More often than not.

The healthiest New Year’s resolution you can make is to ditch drinks. Holiday heart syndrome is very real and potentially deadly.  And the easiest way to forestall this is by limiting alcohol. Besides, not imbibing has plenty of other benefits. Your skin glows, you lose weight, and you have more energy!

7.     I will choose self-care. As priority.

Health doesn’t work in isolation. Besides eating right and having an exercise routine, you need to focus on mental and emotional wellness too. So, make self-care one of your healthy new year’s resolutions.

The shape that self-care takes differs from person to person. It can involve journaling. It can be yoga in the morning. It can be a long bath at the end of the day. It can be a 10-minute walk while listening to a podcast. It can be a weekly nail appointment. Anything that reduces stress and uplifts your spirit falls within self-care.

Making New Year’s resolutions stick in 2023

The real challenge is not making resolutions, but keeping them. Most people fall off the wagon. What’s surprising is what sinks people’s efforts. It’s not that you can’t persist. It’s because you take on more than you can handle. Against this backdrop, let’s look at how to stick to new year’s resolutions in 2023.

1.     Don’t plan in the heat of the moment

Any resolution you make as the clock strikes 12 on the 31st of December will fizzle out. Plan your health goals in advance and write them down.

2.     Get your foot off the brake 

Before you embrace any new year’s resolution for a healthier you, question this. Why haven’t you already been doing it? What’s been stopping you? Unearth those obstacles, and you might just stick to every goal you make for 2023!

3.     Be specific and realistic with goals

Your resolution is to slim down. Fantastic! But does it tell you where you’ll exercise, how you’ll exercise, or when you’ll exercise? So, instead of saying, “I’ll lose weight,” say, “I’ll drop 10 kg.”

After that, sign up for a particular type of exercise rather than getting a gym membership. Or plan to walk once per week. Force yourself to be specific about the goal. On top of that, make them attainable. Don’t plan to walk for 2 hours. Start with 20 minutes; mark the walking day and time on a calendar.

4.     Make gradual changes

Get rid of the all-or-nothing perspective. Yes, you want to drop 10 kg, but it doesn’t have to be in one month. Start slow, so you’re not overwhelmed and tempted to ignore the resolution. Divide the goal into manageable steps.

5.     Leave room for slip-ups

If you miss a day here or there, don’t worry. Being healthy is not about perfection. It’s about consistently making an effort to prioritise your health. And when you do meet all your goals, reward yourself. After you’ve lost your first five kilograms, treat yourself to a fun night out as motivation to keep going!

6.     Enlist an accountability partner

People perform better when someone is looking over their shoulders. It makes you accountable and provides support when needed. So, find a friend and show them your healthy New Year’s resolutions, and you’re more likely to follow through.

Or use technology to stick to the resolutions. Download the QurBook app and pick a plan that caters to your individual needs. These 30-day programmes are great because:

  1. They kick-start a healthier lifestyle.
  2. They’re right there to remind and alert you.
  3. They make health a habit!

A healthier version of you, inside and out

The new year comes with the hope for a better tomorrow, the promise of a fresh start, and new possibilities.

So, from all of us at QurHealth, we hope your 2023 is healthy and filled with joy!

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