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Sunil Kumar
RR nagar, prima is very nice center, people who are working is very cooperative and helpful in nature.
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Over all good dietician thanku you mam u r guidance is good. Thank you so much mam dr sujatha mam qurbook.
Savitha Subra
Rashmi is so friendly and encouraging making this journey easy and very easy diet and physical activity guidance.
Prashant Choudhary
डायट प्लान बहुत अच्छा है आप सही में मेंटली तौर पर मोटापा कम करना चाहते हैं तो इस डाइट प्लान को फॉलो करें मेरा वजन 90 किलो था इस डाइट प्लान से दो से डेढ़ किलो कम हुआ है
Anshu Singh
Very happy with ur diet plan.I m feeling so plan is very much filling .
Nikhil Mohankrishnan
I had a major operation at Smiles Clinic which was smooth and a stable dependable experience thanks to Dr Parameswaran and his excellent medical team. Will definitely recommend this institution for any colorectal related treatment given their history and practice

Patient Testimonials

QurPlan - Disease Management Care

At QurBook we work on the most important healthcare challenges and not what we feel like. Our care plans and therapeutic diet plans are designed to meet the needs of over 70% of the patients globally in 30 chronic and preventive health conditions.

As we embarked on to this selfless goal, we designed a proprietary system that is super flexible to meet the needs of any user to define their care plan structure, regimen, alerts, notification workflows and bundling of care plans – QURPLAN.

Qurplan is the engine that empowers QurOne program to make providers have the freedom to design as per their treatment protocols.  Qurplan technology covers almost all the various phases of a disease condition.

Once prescribed by a provider or a payer, patients get’s plans prescribed directly and their regimen starts instantly.  Patients, for sure, can customize their events, setup daily routines and log their symptoms not only using text but also via voice using Sheela, in their native language.

QurPlan smart knowledge base is the center point of over 50,000 carefully curated, validated, translated and certified answers covering topics related to the 30 disease conditions. Patients can easily converse with “Sheela” conversational AI to educate about their specific illness with the privacy and trust of being a wetted response by a team of elite doctors, specialists, and healthcare professionals.

How about this peace of mind to you, your family, and your patients?

Qurbook App

Secured Electronic Health Records

  • Those tonnes of paper files containing crucial health information can go paperless. With QurBook – you secure records, secure health.
  • Built on a secure and robust infrastructure, QurBook allows you to easily store and send medical records to your doctors or family members.
  • A complete patient history helps clinicians and care-givers better administer effective treatment and therefore enhance patient outcomes

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Modular Architecture

QurBook solution is built with multi-layer stacked architecture and cutting edge technology tools, deployed in a highly secured environment with a robust governance framework.

Our solution has built-in capabilities for predictive outcomes using industry-best tools and technologies in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Deep Neural Networks.

Secure & Compliant






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India's 1st Care Concierge Program

QurOne is the latest addition to our arsenal. It is a care-concierge program that is designed to take care of all of yours as well as your family’s health. With QurOne, take control of your health and follow personalized care plans that are curated by healthcare experts to cater to your needs.


For Patients

“All-in-One” program for you and your family’s personalized healthcare needs

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For Providers

Patient care coordination at scale improving Quality of Care, Engagement and Trusted Patient Education

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For Employers

An experience your employees and their family deserve a true care concierge…like never experienced before!

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